Create Ease & Flow In Your Business

Hello! I’m Lisa!

I design custom websites & graphics for female holistic practitioners so they can attract their dream clients and create ease & flow in their business.



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    Spending your valuable time on the technology behind your business, taking away from what you really love to do and what you are great at…


    You’re not exactly sure what you’re doing (or even have the desire to learn) all the technology you use to run your business.

    Release The Burden

    I know the ramifications of spending way too much time on activities that are not attracting your dream clients, creating the ease & flow in your business and growing the bottom line. I am here to help you. Combine my expertise, skills and knowledge with your vision and passion and it’s a win-win collaboration.


    “You’ve been a pleasure to work with. Your knowledge in web design and hypnosis has made the process of getting my business up and running seamless.” ~ Janine


    “Professional but informal. Rooted, yet free. You have captured an essence of me that I didn't know was there, but was looking for! I love how you have expressed me!” ~Peggy

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    Ask yourself this…

    “Where do I want to focus my time and energy?”
    ”What activities in my business bring me joy?”

    If your answers aren’t what you are doing, take a step back and decide what you can change moving forward.

    I remember not too long ago I was spending way too much time and energy on…

    • Looking to see how everyone else was “doing it”

    • Setting up the fancy funnels

    • Using scheduling software so I could take appointments (that no one was scheduling)

    • Watching webinars, taking courses, Googling, downloading free stuff on how to do it all

    • Creating classes, courses and opt ins

    • Spending hours creating social media graphics

    I was busy “working” - but in reality, this was not where I needed to be spending my time and energy. “Technology” was not my business at the time and was certainly not where my focus ‘should’ have been. I was spending way too much time looking outside of myself for the “golden ticket”, when everything I needed, I already had and my only responsibility was to focus my energy on the activities that were bringing me joy.


    Where are you spending your time and energy now and where could you release some of the burden?