2 Tips For A Kick Ass Home Page

May 20, 2020 | Website Design

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Why is your homepage so important and why should it matter what value you provide?

Do you want a kick ass homepage that attracts clients and keeps visitors on your website?

Heck yeah you do? And here’s why…

You have approximately 5 seconds to impress a visitor before they see no value in it for them and jump ship! Eeeekkk!! You don’t want that! Provide kick ass value right from the moment someone lands on your page!

What are some changes you can make for a kick ass homepage? Honestly, I am constantly taking a look at my website and refining my messaging, making sure I am making the changes that are going to benefit my visitors in the long run.

If you don’t give your visitors a reason to stay within a few seconds, they are not going to stick around for very long.

Why do your clients decide to work with you? What motivates people to choose you, to choose your services over the hundreds of alternatives? What makes you and your offers, better than the rest?

The answer: your value proposition.

Which leads us to my tips!

2 Tips For A Kick Ass Homepage


With a clear value proposition, your visitor knows the value solution being presented on the website, and most importantly, why they should continue ready. Answer these questions on your homepage:

  • Why does this website exist?
  • What can I do on this website?
  • Am I the ideal client for this website?
  • Why should I buy from you?

If you can perfect your value proposition, you can increase your conversion rate and improve your marketing strategies across many channels. Learning to present the value you and  services deliver in a compelling way is one of the most high-value, wide-reaching marketing activities.

It’s the way your brand or service fixes a meaningful pain point, improves the lives of your target audience, and the way it makes them feel. After all, people buy with emotion, not with logical reasoning.

A value proposition should be front and center when a visitor arrives on your site.

I’d like to recommend a copy expert that can definitely help you with this part of your messaging, and a ton more. Her name is Marisa Corcoran and she heads up the Facebook group – The Copy Chat. Check it out! She provides so much value it’s unreal!


Your navigation should support the value proposition by making it easy for your prospective client to find specifics about what you offer. Make sure your menu titles are clear – nothing fancy is needed.

Your website navigation structure should allow someone to land on any page on your site and navigate to another page.

It would be great if you knew that every visitor would start on your homepage and follow a predictable path. That’s not the reality. Just like in a city, people land in different places and have different agendas once they arrive. That’s why you must pay attention to website navigation and make sure it’s intuitive.

Additionally, remember that the purpose of website navigation is to convince people to explore your site further. Give them reasons to click on links by inspiring curiosity and enticing them with great offers.

And a bonus 3rd tip!


Having a welcoming image of you on your homepage shows your visitors there is a real person behind all the text. I used to go back and forth with this, but have found it to be absolutely true. You can have your picture near the top, or down the page a bit. Not having it at all is a turn off for visitors, especially in the wellness and healing industry.

These tips and many strategies and resources + tools that I recommend can be found in my free guide! Snag yours today by following the link below. ✌

The Ultimate Guide To Website Success

I encourage you to give yourself a website audit and look at the changes you can make for a kick ass homepage.. or better yet, schedule a website audit with me! We’ll go through your website together with a fine tooth comb (as my grandma used to say) on a video call.

It’s super fun and you get a ton of actionable steps you can take immediately to improve your website.

2 tips for a kick ass home page
Lisa M. Williams

Lisa M. Williams

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