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3 Website Design Strategies to Secure Your Dream Clients

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on February 4, 2020

Sharing these 3 impactful website design strategies to secure your dream clients is part of my mission of teaching and educating about the delicate nature of creating a rockin’ website that wows your visitors.

Website design is no easy task – especially if it’s not your jam. If it is your jam, like mine, yaaahooo! Welcome to the sometimes crazy world of website design.

I am so in love with what I am able to do every day and I want to help as many wellness coaches and holistic healers as I can. I fully understand that hiring a website designer is not in everyone’s current budget.

It is a full-on commitment, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a kick ass, rockin’ website you are proud of and that works for you. Am I right?

Heck yeah I am! ? Before you scroll to read these 3 website design strategies, I want you to know that you can get your hands on my Kick Ass Guide To Starting Your Website so you can DIY your website with some expert support & guidance.

There’s also an email sequence that you will receive with some golden nuggets that will knock your socks off! ? Check it out!


3 impactful website design strategies you can make today to secure your dream clients.

Simple & Easy Navigation

Your site must be easy to navigate through. If your potential customers have to jump through hoops to find what they’re looking for, they’ll simply go to a competitor. Your website menus need to be user-friendly. I recommend no more than 6-7 main pages in your navigation. You can use sub-menus (dropdown) to include more pages, however, be cognizant of how many choices you are giving your prospective clients when they land on your home page.

Call To Action

If your website has no clear call to action, you’re losing out on potential clients. You have to make it clear what you want visitors to do on your website – on every page – where you want them to go and how you want them to continue on the journey with you. This could be as simple as contacting you, booking a session, watching a video, signing up for a free offer, etc. Your call to action is the turning point from a prospective client browsing your offers to working with you.

Great Copy

Ah, great copy. Writing for your website can be difficult, but with some practice, and accessing some of the resources I will provide in your emails, you will get it. Your copy should be viewed as if you are talking directly to your client. It should be interesting, engaging, well written and free from typos or spelling mistakes – it happens on occasion though – cuz we’re human.  ??‍♀️

Your website visitors don’t want to sort through jargon or dull content – they want to achieve their objective there and then and they want to consume copy quickly. It should also be compelling – copy covers everything from blog posts to ‘book now’ buttons. Great copy is essential for converting visitors to clients. Remember: Your website is for your dreamy clients, not you.

If you are looking for guidance on your website copy, I am a part of a powerful Facebook group led by the fabulous Marisa Corcoran. She is a copy wizard! I encourage you to check out the group and her website.

I hope these were helpful for you! Remember, take designing your website one step at a time. Start small with a few pages and then add to it as you get more comfortable. Oh, and get the free guide! I’ve loaded it with tools and resources you surely want to have!

Lisa M. Williams

Lisa M. Williams

Owner & Designer

Welcome! I’m Lisa Williams, a former teacher turned website designer and am highly adept to swimming in the deep and navigating the “website waters”. With over 10 years of designing websites for my three businesses, and others, I’m here to take the vision you have for your business, and design your website so you can attract the dream clients you desire.

You deserve to share your gift and what better way to do that than to have a strategic, powerhouse website that converts visitors to clients.

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