Lisa M. Williams

The beautiful thing about life is it’s always changing.
Discover your purpose and enjoy the journey.

You feel the pressure of having a website complete, getting yourself out there with what you offer, but haven’t the slightest clue where to start.

You spend countless hours searching YouTube, Googling “how to____”, and still, you’re left with a mediocore website, or nothing at all.

Swimming in the “website waters” can be treacherous if you aren’t sure where to swim. It’s deep! Often times you probably find yourself in a thick circle of seaweed and you just want OUT!

You say, “Screw it, I don’t need a website. I’m doing fine on social media… but no, I do need a website, I just don’t know what the hell I’m doing!”

You want to get out from under the heavy weight that’s keeping you from growing your business… but technology can be scary.

I hear you loud and clear.

I am highly adept to swimming in the deep and navigating the “website waters”. Allow me to help you, to step into your life and take the vision you have for your business, and design your website so you truly shine. You deserve to share your gift and what better way to do that than to have a spectacular, well-designed website that converts visitors to clients.

Are you ready?

More of my personal story…

It’s challenging to explain the peace and calm my life has now compared to just a few months ago. I made a decision after my mom transitioned in January that I would begin the journey to heal and in the process, I would live my life fully, boldly and unconditionally peaceful.

Meaning, there is not a situation, person, experience, anything that can move me off my path. I may get shaken for a moment, but I consciously bring myself back to what is this here to teach me, how can I evolve, grow and continue living my best life. I bring myself back to the moment. That’s when the peace and calm is able to fill me up because I have given it space.

Life is happening FOR us and it is up to us to listen to what that little voice is telling us, listen to the whispers, listen to our hearts, listen to our body… just listen. Just be.

You cannot listen if you are surrounded my the noise constantly or when you are moving so fast through life it’s almost as if you have flipped a switch to “autopilot” and you have not turned it off…

Through Pain Back To Power

Through death there is a rebirth. I would not be here, able to do what I truly and deeply love to do…. design, create and provide an experience for lady entrepreneurs who desire to be seen online… without having experienced the tragic morning of January 16, 2019.

I say tragic because the events that took place during those early morning hours shook me to the core. Nothing like I had ever experienced before in my life. The end of life I had experienced up until that day had been very peaceful, easy, calm….. this experience, the complete opposite. At 6:16 am, on 1-16-19, my world was turned so upside down, I didn’t know if I was ever going to be okay.

Today, I am extremely grateful and blessed beyond measure that I get to combine my skills/talents/gifts into one big ol’ amazing serviced-based business. I am delighted I can wake up every morning and do what I do. I thank my mom every day… her energy I feel in my every breath, who I hear say “I’m proud of you, Lisa” and I say back to her, “Look mom, I’m doing it!”

Follow your bliss and always remember that the journey through pain, brings you back to your power.

I’m ready to help you get out from under the overwhelm, frustration so you can shine online, share your brilliance and ultimately enjoy the vision you have for your business.

Let’s Do This Together!