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on December 2, 2019

Once your visitors land on your site, do they know what to do next?

They won’t know what pages to view or actions to take if you don’t provide them with some sort of direction.⁣

A call to action on every page of your website is a strategy that will prove beneficial in the long term. What exactly is a call to action?

Call-to-action buttons are one of the many elements that indicate the next step user should take on a page. While many of us know that, it can be easy to fail to accurately use them to guide users through your website.⁣

Some example call-to-actions are

  • Click here for more information
  • Download your free PDF
  • Sign up for a webinar
  • Watch this video
  • Schedule a session
  • Learn more
  • See pricing

TIP: Make sure your call to action stands out from the rest of your page. Ideally, your call to action should be a distinct button that a visitor can easily spot as they scroll down the page and move around your site. Make sure that the colors are consistent across the board. Consistency helps to anchor the visitor’s eye and establish a meaning for your call to action. It’s OK to use the call to action more than once on a page providing they are the same color. (You may want to repeat your call to action above and below the fold, for example, so the user always sees one on-screen).



  1. Make them action-oriented
  2. Use the first-person
  3. Include strong visuals
  4. Create a sense of urgency
  5. Eliminate objectives or friction
  6. Make them stand out and easy to find

You’ll notice that Netflix has a very clear call to action by using a red button for both to try “30 Days Free” and to “Sign In”. You have no doubt what it is that you are supposed to click on. The same goes for your website.

The call to action is a way to direct focus and give the visitor a clear route to accomplishing a goal. When developing call to action buttons, consider what you want the visitor to do: what your primary aim is, and how this fits in with their objectives.

It might be to log them in, sign them up, complete a sale, ask them to contact you or join a mailing list. Whatever it is, you will probably want to drive a sale in some way.

While it’s probably obvious to you what they are supposed to do (call or email you), they might be unsure. Put yourself into the visitor’s shoes: would you rather search for the contact form, or click a button that says ‘Arrange Your Free Consultation’?

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