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Is your website, messaging and marketing generating momentum for your business?

Our Mission

I am a one woman show, besides my husband who works along side me on various projects, and we are dedicated solely to you and the growth of your business. Our ultimate mission to provide an amazing experience for you from start to finish and give you an awesome website that will generate momentum in your business.

Your website is not a cost, it’s an investment in your business. We don’t take that lightly and want you to know that we intuitively craft, create and customize every site we design with heart and soul.

If you’re looking for a “cheap” website or a quick one-and-done service, we’re probably not the best fit. And to be honest, no successful web presence ever started with a cheap, quick build.

It takes time, empowerment and a strong relationship between client and designer to make a successful web presence.

Let me guess…

Have you been trying to build a website for your business and it has pushed you to your breaking point?

Do you have a website, but it’s just not working for you and you’re ready level-up?

Maybe your freaked out at just the idea of designing your own website and don’t know where to start.

How many hours have you spent deciding what you want to do? How much money are you leaving on the table because you don’t have an effective website?

Your website is one of your most effective marketing tools and often the first place people go to learn more about you. With JoLi Design Solutions, you can be assured your website is custom-built and designed with strategy being the foundation. A pretty website isn’t all you need.

For your website to be a success and create momentum in your business, it’s way more than the theme you install or the template and fonts you choose.

Quite frankly, it’s way more than just a website.

A purposeful website has to do with knowing what sets you apart and having a strategic marketing strategy in place to attract the right people and inspire them to take action.

Are you ready to

  • Establish longevity in your business?
  • Build a foundation to nurture and grow relationships with your tribe?
  • Create a business presence that is aligned with your vision?
Sure, you can design (or redesign) your website on your own, and maintain it, exhausting your time & energy that you could be spending signing on clients and and working in your zone of genius…

But why would you want to do that?

Our partnership is about creating momentum in your business.

Your website, combined with messaging, marketing and strategy, will position you as an expert in your field. We ensure that significant time, energy and resources are given to you and your business during our partnership.

What do you receive as a result of our partnership?


  • Have a website with strategy, purpose and impact
  • Receive messaging and marketing support that increases revenue
  • Are branded and powerful in all areas of your business
  • Have a website that is managed through one of my WordPress Care Packages.
  • Have time to put your attention into the areas of your business that are in your zone of genius.
  • Can increase skills and knowledge that benefit your clients.
  • Are no longer zapped of energy trying to maintain your own website.

This is an investment in the long-term success of your business and we are honored to walk beside you on your journey.

Lisa was very persistent and creative in setting up the complex functionality I required. She executed my vision very well and was an overall joy to work with during the design process.

LaTonya Williams

Owner, My Renew Box

Let's Chat!

You complete a Web Design Inquiry questionnaire and schedule a Zoom call to discuss the goals and vision for your website and how we can best serve you.

Pay Your Deposit

You will sign your contract and pay the deposit for the payment option agreed upon and a start date for your project is set. At this time you will receive your Welcome Packet and other important information needed for us to get started.

Craft, Create and Customize

As you can imagine, this is where the magic happens. Over a several week period, we are immersed in the details of your website. You are updated throughout the process and we communicate regularly about progress.

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Your investment is based on your specific needs and goals.

The question “How much is a website?” can only be answered once the details are in place and after both parties understand the scope of the project. The big thing to remember here is that a professionally designed website is an investment, not a cost.

Flexible payment plans are available as needed.

Starting at $1,947

This solution is more of an informational website usually no more than 5 pages. Additional bells and whistles (fancy functionality) are minimal.

Basic Design Solution

✔︎ Up to 5 pages
✔︎ Initial project kick off call
✔︎ Strategic & impactful design
✔︎ Basic blog template
✔︎ Basic on-page SEO
✔︎ Social media connection
✔︎ Mobile responsive design
✔︎ Top-notch server & lightening fast navigation

Maintenance & Care begins 45 days after your project start date.

Starting at $3,247

This solution includes more interactive sites that are typically up to 15 pages with more functionality. This can include blogging, photo galleries, calendars, events, etc.

solopreneur sitting at computer

Premium Design Solution

✔︎ Up to 15 pages
✔︎ Initial project kick-off call
✔︎ Strategic & impactful design
✔︎ Basic on-page SEO
✔︎ Social media connection
✔︎ Mobile responsive design
✔︎ Top-notch server & lightening fast navigation
✔︎ Customized blog template
✔︎ Google Analytics
✔︎ Logo/color/font design

3 months free Premium Care Package Service

Starting at $5,497

This solution is most intense and includes advanced design and development, functionality, template creations, e-commerce & online stores.

lady with sunglasses on - happy about her website design

Elite Design Solution

✔︎ Up to 25 pages
✔︎ Initial project kick-off call
✔︎ Strategic & impactful design
✔︎ Basic on-page SEO
✔︎ Social media connection
✔︎ Mobile responsive design
✔︎ Top-notch server & lightening fast navigation
✔︎ Customized blog template
✔︎ Google Analytics
✔︎ Logo/color/font design
✔︎ Advanced functionality
✔︎ E-Commerce

5 months free Premium Care Package Service

I tried and cried through DIY and then I decided to hire Lisa and she is a Webdesign Fairy Godmother! For real! I love my website!

Julie Tufte

Intuitive Wellness Coach, Tufte Wellness

Easier on the Pocketbook

Sometimes it is just not feasible to get into a full website commitment. We understand and are pleased to offer a One-Page Starter Website. This option will provide you with the foundation to begin developing brand awareness, your online presence, and most importantly, a way for you to showcase you and what you offer.

You can build from this one page as your business grows and the beautiful part is that we are right there helping you along the way with further development, care and maintenance to ensure your website is in the best health it can be!

PLUS… your one-page website can be complete in 10 days or less!

One low price of $997

✔︎ One page with up to 4 sections

and we also…
✔︎ Set up and configure your WordPress website
✔︎ Install the Premium Divi Theme & Builder ($89/year savings)
✔︎ Install Premium plugins ($200+/year savings)
✔︎ Provide a free SSL certificate
✔︎ Complimentary domain connection

Hosting, maintenance and care of your website is $37/m beginning 30 days after your start date.

lady standing up in front of her computer cheering because she is getting help with her website

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