Custom Website Design Process

Design Process for Basic & Premium Website Packages


Proposal/Contract: These outline the terms and scope of our project, timelines, each person’s responsibilities during the project, payment schedule, deliverables and more. This has an expiration date attached to it to make sure we stick to our timelines.

Invoice: At least a 50% deposit is required to hold your design spot on my calendar. Thereafter, payment is due as noted on the contract. I will confirm your start date at this time.

Kick-Off Call: When your 1st payment is received, or you have paid in full, we will schedule a Pre-Design Kick-Off Call. I will also set up your Google Drive folder and send a welcome email.


Development & Branding

Design Information Form: You will complete this detailed form and during our Kick-Off Call, we discuss your vision and goals for your website. This is also where we discuss style

During this time we will craft out your brand mission, message, detailed target market, what you do, why you do it, your positioning and also start thinking about the visual look and feel of your brand.

Typography, Color Palettes & Style: I’ll go to work, based on the information during our Kick-Off Call to create your unique design board that will drive the decisions made for your website.


Website Layout & Design

Layout: Once I have a good idea about everything that’s needed on the website, I’ll start crafting layouts. This means I’m working on sketching out the user experience (how people flow from one part of the site to the next) and page layouts.

Design: The homepage is the most important landing page on your website, because it’s what captivates your audience. This is the page most people will land on first and determines whether they want to click through, or leave your site. This is where I will begin and obtain your approval before moving on to design the rest of the site. We will set up a time to go over this together.


Design of Entire Site

Onward: I’ll finish rounding out the rest of the site design and send it on over to you for another look!  I usually give another few days to a week here for review, and to have you collect your feedback and refinements in a neat and tidy list for me. 

SEO & Customization: Once the site is more or less ready to go, I’ll go into the backend and make sure everything is aligned for search engines to be able to scan your website as easily as possible. I will also make sure your site is responsive – meaning it will look good on every device.


Email Marketing

Setup: You will create your Mailerlite email account and with link I provide and follow the initial profile setup and approval process. Once this is done, you send me the login information and I begin setup. I will send you a PDF guide to create your Welcome Sequence so you can begin writing those emails.

Customization: I will create your email template, import subscribers (if needed) and create your (first) email opt-in form. It is then time to create your email sequence that will welcome subscribers to your community.

Additional: Depending on the package you have, I will continue to create what I need to, such as other forms, sequences and newsletters.


It’s Time To Launch!!

At this point in the game, we’re ready to set the website live on the interwebs. How exciting! We’ll have a final clarity call so I can show you the ins and outs of your new site and how you can maintain it moving forward.

It’s very important to me that you have full control over the site once we wrap up. You shouldn’t have to wait on me or pay me to make small edits to text or imagery. I want to make sure you know how to use it in the case you want to take care of your own maintenance.

There are lots of customizations that happen within the backend of your website, so that’s all usually set it and forget it. But in the case you need to update your pricing, change a description, update your bio or swap out an image, those are the types of tasks that I want you to be able to do if you need to change anything on a whim!

At this stage, we’ll also chat a bit about a launch plan and when the time comes, I’ll be sharing lots of shout-outs on my social media channels and make sure you feel equipped to put your website out into the universe!

All websites require you to choose one of my three monthly hosting plans – Basic, Premium or VIP.