Graphic Design

Do you need the perfect image/graphic for you social media posts?

Having attractive graphics is crucial in giving the right first impression to potential clients/customers. 

You want to make sure your message is on-point and speaking to your audience. Giving a good, clean and consistent presence is the best way to get followers and potential real customers.

How you are representing your brand online goes beyond your website and onto the pages of your social media accounts. Cover images and profile pictures are valuable real estate when it comes to sharing what you’re all about. Is your brand taking advantage of the free space by sharing the best design you can?

Images account for about 75% of content posted by brands on Facebook. And images generate an 87% engagement rate–more than 10 times more than text-based status updates or links. Adding an image to your tweet can increase retweets by over 35%. If you’re blogging, images and infographics are key to keeping the reader interested and scrolling through your pages.

Graphic Design Package

3 – Social Media post templates
2 – Instagram Stories templates
1 – Header image of your choice