Is It Time For You To Step Towards The Life You Desire?

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on December 5, 2019

Is It Time For You To Step Towards The Life You Desire?

I see you and I know you’re struggling to get through this that crazy ride we call life. You’re stressed, overwhelmed, tired, feel like shit, and just can’t seem catch a break. You show the world that you’re strong and have it all together, but, in reality, you’re broken inside. You know it, but the world doesn’t see it. Even your close friends and family don’t see it.

But you see it. You see it when you look in the mirror, when you go to sleep at night, when you’re alone with your thoughts. You feel it when you get dressed, when you wake up in physical pain dreading the day (again), when you choose not to do something because the emotional pain consumes you.

You may even be cruising through life on autopilot thinking nothing is wrong, I’m good, I’ve got my shit together. Are you sure about that? Are you sure you are living the life you truly desire to live?

Most people don’t take the time to slow down enough to figure out what they truly desire. And some, have no idea where to start. Do you? Do you feel like something needs to change, and change fast, or you are going to blow a gasket? 

I see you. I was you. I managed day to day but the battle going on inside me was terribly painful at times. My marriage suffered, my daughter took the heat probably way too often, my health was on a steady decline, and I drank way too much. Not to mention, I was a mess financially, yep, that was a disaster too.

I’m sure that my life was in shambles because of the belief system I had, the patterns I had embedded in my subconscious mind, and a lack of resources/tools to teach me how to change the direction my life was going.

One day I snapped… I prayed, I asked for guidance, I knew I wanted something different for my life, I received strength from my guardian angels… I got quiet and listened… and I’m here today to tell you, that as soon as you decide you’ve had enough, the pain is too much to handle, you will take the leap. The next step is the most difficult. Maybe even the step after that…but then you find your groove and your life is on a totally different trajectory.

I have changed my life by implementing toolsl that helped me strengthn my mind and I’ve never felt better. I’ve grown and evolved into the woman I’ve always wanted to be and all areas of my life and in steady progression to be abundant AF!

Am I still broken a little? Yep. Do I still struggle? Yep. Do I still face roadblocks? Yep. And have people made themselves pretty much non-existent in my life because of my change? Sure have, and it sucks, sucks really bad. It’s part of this thing we call “growth” and everyone is on their own journey. It’s something I didn’t see coming, but it’s not something I can control either. 

I still have struggles and face challenges, negativity that creeps in (not as much as it used to though) but I’ve invested in myself, took time for my growth, and have learned that when I empower myself with these amazing tools I have, I am fully equipped to face life with gratitude, positivity, honesty, and to plow through all my bullshit like a bulldozer.


7 Steps To Strengthen Your Mind

You are 100% responsible for your life – the good, the bad and everything in between. Own your shit and face the reality that what you have created thus far in your life is your responsibility… your thoughts, your actions, your habits, your experiences, your setbacks,… all 100% YOU.

You create your life.

Your perspective changes and you actually become empowered to make the changes you want. You invest in yourself and are willing to do the work. You believe in your ability to carve out your own path and actually start living.

It’s hard ass work, it’s breaking down walls, bulldozing through barriers, forgiving yourself and others…but it is worth every second of it when you get to the other side. When you see the light, see the expansion of your life, and see how far you’ve come… It’s so amazing that, until you have gone through it, it’s almost unexplainable.

Uplevel your life and business with a program I am launching in January 2020. Get all the details and put your self on the waitlist. 

You’re going through the motions… but you want to feel more, see more, do more.

You want to live a life of brilliance.

You are suffocating in your grief and want desperately to breathe again.

Lisa M. Williams

Lisa M. Williams

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