A Selection of My Portfolio

Light Up Your Reflection

Using Mindset and Hypnosis, combined with Strategy to help you uplevel your MLM business.

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My Renew Box

A seasonal subscription box service. Holisitic self-care goodies delivered to you 4 times a year.

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Rockwall Doodles

Breeding Goldendoodles is to breed amazing puppies that are healthy, happy and well adjusted so that they go on to lead a fulfilled life with their forever families.

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Tufte Wellness

Whatever phase of life that you find yourself in, be it searching, questioning, discovering, or healing, you can find help.

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Pure Sky Wellness

Helping professionals struggling with exhaustion to regain energy so they can play full out.

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Laura G Health & Fitness

Helping moms who are exhausted and overwhelmed get back to the life they deserve by providing a support system to keep you accountable, motivated and on track to your goals.

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