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Confidently create a beautiful & strategic website that generates momentum in your business.

What if…

What if… just what if you could tap into my professional experience as a web designer without the investment of 1,000s of dollars?

From start to finish, I will show you all about setting up hosting for your website (it’s way more important than you realize), getting you that professional email address (yes, you do need one) and all the fun stuff about designing your website without all the headache and sleepless nights.

From planning, to setting up your domain to designing your website, I help lay the foundation for you to be your own web designer.

The WordPress Web Design Academy will begin on Monday, September 21.
A private Facebook group will be your main hub for our 10 days together!

The Web Design Academy is great for:

  • DIYers who enjoy learning new technology and are willing to spend the time needed to design their own website
  • Businesses who already have a WordPress website and want to refresh or redesign their current website
  • Folks who want the support of a professional web designer who can guide them through the process but need to stick to a lower budget.
  • Those small business owners who want a solid website and not a ton of “extras”.

Unlike a subscription web design service like Wix or SquareSpace, WordPress gives you the keys to your own house, which you can fully customize and evolve as your business evolves.

The difference is like building your dream home from scratch or renting a fully furnished apartment. For some people, the furnished rental meets their needs. For others, it’s limiting and frustrating.

It might sound simplistic but the vital step of planning and defining your website’s purpose is often overlooked. Having a well defined strategy will focus your efforts and propel you towards your business and life goals.

If figuring out technology and the future of your website overwhelms you, don’t worry! With step-by-step guidance, I can support you along the quickest path to launching a successful website.

Lisa Williams - Web Design Strategist

As a former teacher and a (slightly neurotic) technology enthusiast, I have a deep passion for supporting business owners struggling with all the moving parts of getting a well-designed and strategic website up and running.

getting started
Getting Started

Domain Name
Professional Email
Setting up your website
Privacy Policy

Prep Work

Content & Images
Free Offer

Design For Success

Divi Premium Theme Customization
Pages, Menus & Modules
Best practices for design
Messaging Tips & Strategies
Calls to Action

Finalize For Launch

SEO settings
Mobile Optimization
Connecting Your Domain
Marketing For Launch
Website is LIVE!


Content Planner
PicMonkey for Graphics
Image Optimization
Email Marketing
Keeping Your Site Maintained

Free Zoom Support!

One 30-minute Zoom call where we’ll go over your website together, reviewing it to make sure it’s maximized for your audience, goals, and conversions. You’ll get a recording of the call to refer back to whenever you’d like and replay it whenever you need it.

Your call has to be scheduled within 30 days from the start date of the Web Design Academy.

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