Custom Website Design

Is your website, messaging and marketing building your business & taking you to the next level?

Your website is one of your most effective marketing tools

and often the first place people go to learn more about you. With JoLi Design Solutions, you can be assured your website is built to attract & secure your dream clients with impactful messaging and a powerful design.

For your website to be a success and create momentum in your business, it’s way more than the theme you install or the template and fonts you choose.

Quite frankly, it’s way more than just a website.

Your Website Is Your Secret Weapon

  • Establish longevity in your business.
  • Build a foundation to nurture and grow relationships with your tribe.
  • Create a business presence that is aligned with your vision and KICKS ASS in the online space.

A powerhouse website has to do with knowing what sets you apart from the crowd, addressing your dream clients’ hopes and desires in your messaging and having a strategic marketing strategy in place to attract the right people and inspire them to take action.

TRUTH 💣 : Just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come!

After I review your questionnaire, we’ll schedule a time to talk if it seems like we’ll be a good fit. 😊

What does our partnership look like?

We work together for either a 2-month or 5-month period of time. I only work with 2-3 clients at any given time so I am able to give excellent attention to you and your business.

In return you:

  • Have a website with strategy, purpose and impact
  • Receive messaging and marketing support that increases revenue
  • Are branded and powerful in all areas of your business

This is a commitment to the long-term success of your business and I am honored to lead you on your journey.


Your Website is Cared For

  • Your website is managed through one of my WordPress Maintenance & Care Plans.
  • You have time to put your attention into the areas of your business that are in your zone of genius.
  • You have time to increase skills and knowledge that benefit your clients.
  • You are no longer zapped of energy trying to maintain your own website.

Our partnership is more than hiring me to design your website.

Our partnership is about creating momentum in your business.

Your website, combined with messaging, marketing and strategy, will position you as an expert in your field. Significant time, energy and resources are given to you and your business during our partnership.

Essential Solution


2 month commitment

  1. Make your website work for you with strategy & impactful messaging
  2. Automate your conversations with email marketing. Share kickass value and your services to get your dream clients and make money!
  3. Get visible online and magnetize clients through your content marketing.
  4. Know what tools you can use, and how to use them that are most beneficial to your business
  5. Create a customer journey that leads to securing your dream clients
  6. Use free offers to provide value while building your email list
  7. Get found on Google with a sound strategy using search engine optimization
  8. Use in depth analytics to support your marketing efforts

Premium Solution


5 month commitment

Essential Solution +

  1. Be on-brand throughout all of your social media.  You get 5 customized graphics/templates that support all of your social media platforms
  2. Have a custom template in place and learn the steps to creating a kick ass blog article that gains momentum
  3. Go in depth with your content and messaging so you can 
attract your dream clients
  4. We dive deep into your SEO strategy so you can climb your way up on Google
  5. Learn ways to gain exposure on your social media. 

Ready to create momentum with a rock-solid solution?

After I review your questionnaire, we’ll schedule a time to talk if it seems like we’ll be a good fit. 😊

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