WordPress Website For Network Marketers

Share Your Core Values & Leverage Your Time

Simple. Impactful. Fast.

Imagine if you could grow a successful networking marketing business presence and personal brand online – without relying on constantly hitting up your friends and families for sales or hosting in-person house parties where you tout your wares.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Now tell me if any of this sounds familiar.

You have a product or service that lights your fire. It’s your beginning and end and it’s all because you genuinely want to help people succeed.

You live your core values and want to connect with other people who share those values.

But every time you start to talk about this amazing product or service, everyone tunes out. You can literally see it in their eyes that your message is being lost in all the other racket in their brains. Maybe you’re starting to worry that it’s negatively impacting your relationships.

Or when you talk with others in your industry, you feel conflicted because you can’t quite figure out how they’re able to reach so many people while you’re still hitting up your friends for sales.

You want to take your business to an online platform to reach more people, but you don’t know how to get started. Maybe you have no idea how to set up a website or blog and don’t know what you need to do.

Divi Design in a Day Includes

Branded Website

I’ll create a website that reflects YOU – your core values, the love for your products and why someone would want to buy from you OR join your team.

Custom Layout & Design

I have a general layout that I start with, but your website is customized for you with a design and structure to create the biggest impact for your business.

Mobile Responsive

Looking good on mobile devices is HUGE! Google likes it too so we do everything to make sure that no matter what device people are finding you on, you’ll look fabulous!

Zero Tech Drama

Definitely important, right? You are taken care of through your design day and beyond. Our WordPress Care Packages ensure that you are not dealing with any tech mumbo jumbo at all.

Stock Photos

I will provide (if necessary) up to 10 stock photos that can be used throughout your website. Searching for and optimizing the best photos does take time, so we will priotitize what is needed on your design day.

Training & Support

Probably theeee most important is what happens after our Divi Design Day is complete and your website is live. You will have access to a selection of training videos as well as me in your back pocket to come to for support.

Your Divi Design Day is Here!

I have collected all your web content and on the day of our project I get straight into your website, which is a massive time saver in both our lives.

When I awaken, I have my coffee, go for my walk and spend time in meditation… and then my day revolves around YOU and your brand spanking new website!

You have blocked out your day so that you are prepared to answer questions and view your website as I move along via live Zoom calls.

When the day is done, you’ll be left with an incredible springboard that can grow with you and your business!

Preparation & Real-Time Collaboration

Preparation is the key to a successful Divi Design Day. Much of the work happens before the actual day. I give you a bit of homework and recommend scheduling your Divi Design Day at least two weeks out so you have time to get me everything I need for a smooth & successful website design.

Every Divi Design Day is adrenaline-fueled creativity, and it’s intensely collaborative. The focus is 100% on you and creating the best website for your goals.  Everything happens in real-time.

Your Divi in a Day Design includes:

  • Premium Divi Theme of course!
  • Design layout, color palette, and typographic styles based on your goals and preferences
  • 10 hours of dedicated design time
  • A typographic logo (if you don’t already have a logo)
  • Four standard pages: Home, About, Services and Contact
  • Up to 5 sections on your home page & 3 sections on internal pages
  • A Blog Template (this doesn’t count as one of your 5 pages)
  • Sourcing up to 10 perfect images for your site
  • Email marketing integration
  • Links to your social media accounts & sharing links on blog posts
  • Your website is SEO ready
  • Limited CSS customization

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