Your Current Situation Is Not That Important

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on December 10, 2019

Most people get emotionally involved with their current situation, and then they think it’s an accident that the same results keep recurring. ?

You have to get out of your current situation and begin focusing on what you want… as if you already have it. Your current situation is not important. It’s done. It’s here because of thoughts you have been thinking, where you have been focusing your energy, what your mindset HAS been. It’s not where you are going.

What you focus on continues to show up in your life, in some way, shape, or form. If you focus on the lack of anything, you will only get more lack. It’s the way the Universe works. It is law.

Law of Attraction:

Like attracts like. We must align ourselves in every way with our desired outcome. The thoughts, actions and energy we send to the world attracts like energies.

I’ve been at a point where I have had $2.83 in my bank account, credit cards were nearly maxed out, and there was no where else to turn… most are going to focus on the fact that “I don’t have any money”, and “I’m so broke”, or “How am I going to pay for ____ and ____?”

If I would have focused on that, I would still be there today. What you focus on, gains momentum and energy, and the Universe brings you more of that, whatever “that” is. During this time, when most would have been freaking out, I turned my focus to abundance, money flowing easily to me, opportunities presenting themselves, everything is always working out for me, faith that I was going to be okay… all the positivity I could.

It wasn’t that I was denying my situation, I just didn’t give it energy. Sure, there were moments when it was super hard to get out of that place in my mind… what the hell was I going to do type thinking, but with what I have learned and studied about how our minds work, I knew I needed to think differently, respond differently, talk differently, and act differently… so I did.

This is where everything that I practice comes into play… journaling, affirmations (I used the same 2-3 for weeks when things were really rough), feeding my mind, meditation, hypnosis, visualization, gratitude… and most of all… belief and faith that life is happening for me and that all was going to be okay. 


Therapeutic, activates the subconscious mind, saved my life. Writing removes mental blocks and allows you to use all of your brainpower to better understand yourself, others and the world around you.


I practice gratitude, I am grateful for what I already have, and more came into my life. The more you practice gratitude, the more consistently you practice, the more you attract into your life. What you are grateful for, more of that shows up in your life. 


Meditation quiets my mind and allows me to access the deepest part of my inner being, my higher self, and inspires me to follow my own path of least resistance


Daily affirmations are to the mind what exercise is to the body. I focus on two to three at a time, and when times were rough, I must have said them 50-100 times a day, wrote them down, felt them, cried about them, sat with them and believed every single word. When done correctly, and over time, affirmations can reprogram your subconscious mind. 


Visualization activates your creative subconscious which will start generating creative ideas to achieve your goal. Imagining and feeling that I was already successful, had money in my bank account, living exactly as I desired to live. I saw the opportunities, people, experiences, cash flow, clients… all of it.

Feeding My Mind 

I don’t expose myself to negativity (as much as I can anyway), the news… and I read and listen to, positive mind power ‘food’. If you are constantly complaining, focused on problems, blaming others, making excuses for this and that… I don’t have the energy to be around you.

10 Moments of Mindfulness

Everyone has stuff that happens, but you control how you respond to any situation. If your response (or reaction) is blame, excuses, anger, self-pity, poor me, it’s just not healthy. Be willing to learn, grow, expand yourself, and be 100% responsible for your decisions and actions. Be willing to change your life if you aren’t currently living the life you want.

Lastly, I practice hypnosis three or four times a week. This has been the backbone of my life changing in ways I had always imagined it would. Through hypnosis, I have been able to overcome body image issues, change my money mindset, release people and circumstances that were not serving me anymore, release pounds, forgive myself, uncover and repair limiting beliefs… all because of practicing this natural state of being. It’s been the most fascinating experience of my life.

Life is happening FOR you, and not TO you.

Understand this and accept it, and your life will change. Simple, right? Not quite. I mean, it is simple, but it takes some work, trust, belief, and faith.

I’ve been there… I’ve been overweight, functioning alcoholic, depressed, broke, low self-esteem, body image in the toilet, you name it… from the outside, I had it all together, but on the inside, I was a mess. I’ve battled different things for most of my adult life, but after losing my son in 2003, I spiraled a bit but held on, then when I lost my grandma in 2007, I nearly lost every bit of control I had. I managed day by day, but it took a year for me to finally realize I need to get out of the black hole. And then it took another few to finally do it.

And then… I honestly thought I had my shit together when, in January 2019, my mom passed, rather suddenly. it was just shy of a month that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It took me under, however, using the tools I had been accustomed to, and seeking out a more spiritual journey than I had been on before, I stand tall. Had I not had the tools and focused on my current situation, I would have been more of a mess than I was.

I GET IT! Shit is hard! But what is your alternative?

I used every tool here (and still do), and I got myself out of that place, to a place, now, of abundance, prosperity, I attract opportunities, I feel amazing, I’m healthy… it’s a wonderful life. But I didn’t get here by accident, and I didn’t get here by making one excuse after another. I got here through mindset work, personal growth, determination, developing healthy habits, getting in touch with my spirituality and strengthening my belief in ME. 

Focus on what you want, not your current situation.

It’s a commitment to you. It’s a commitment to your life, your family, living your destiny. YOU deserve to get out of the mess you are in and live with joy, appreciation, happiness, abundance…. all of it. But it takes digging deep and doing the messy work.

Once you take that step and honestly commit, the journey is so freaking amazing, you won’t recognize your (old) self months and years down the road. You have to let your old self go… in other words… the life you are currently living has to be given up for you to live the life you desire. 

Are you willing to take the step? Are you committed to the journey? Are you willing to trust the process?

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